NCI Awards Graduate Fellowships

May 18th, 2020

Five graduate students in the College of Humanities will receive grants and tuition funding from the University of Arizona’s National Center for Interpretation.


The Graduate Fellowships support individual students conducting research related to translation and interpretation. The funding is provided by the Graduate College.


“NCI is charged with promoting intercultural communication and social justice for language minorities through cutting-edge research, training, and testing for interpreters and translators while advancing professionalism,” says NCI Director Sonia Colina. “These projects contribute to this mission by expanding language access to LEP proficient audiences through translation/interpretation and through research and education in these fields.”


The 2020 NCI Graduate Fellows receiving cash awards of $6,250 each are:


Richmond Embeywa, Department of German Studies: “Language Mediation by Adult Immigrants: Linguistic, Literacy and Agency Development.”


Marina Cárcamo-García, Department of Spanish & Portuguese: “Interpretation skills of Heritage language and L2 learners of Translation and Interpretation in Southern Arizona.”


The 2020 NCI Graduate Fellows receiving tuition awards of $5,969 are:


Xuefei Ma, Department of East Asian Studies: “Trans(re)lation of “Women’s Writings:” Toward A New Theory of Feminist Art.”


Jinhui Wu, Department of East Asian Studies: “Chinese Buddhist Cosmology and Cosmography in Early Modern China— A Full Translation of Establishment of the Fajie anli tu (Dharma-Field with Illustrations法界安立圖)  


Jhonatan Henao-Muñoz, Department of Spanish & Portuguese: “Translation in the Second Language Classroom.”