Grade Appeals

The grade appeal process in the College of Humanities is for courses taught within our college. The process is overseen by the College of Humanities Vice Dean of Academic Affairs and conforms with the University's Grade Appeal Policy. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the process.

A student may appeal a grade in a course by using procedures specified by the department and the college offering the course. Valid reasons for an appeal include:  a violation of University policy, an instructor's failure to follow published course policies, a lack of consistent treatment within the student’s course section, or a dispute over the factual accuracy of graded work. Please note that the following are NOT reasons that should be cited in an appeal: disagreements with published course policies, differences in classroom policies or grading schemes in different courses or between different sections of the same course, or a grade’s impact on a student’s academic progress, athletic eligibility, or eligibility for veteran’s benefits.

College of Humanities grade appeals may only be submitted on the college's official requisite forms, which are obtained from the Dean's Office in Modern Languages, Room 345. All steps in the grade appeal process must be completed in accordance with the college's established timeline, which is outlined below. The timeline refers to the first regular semester after the semester or summer or winter session in which the grade was awarded. The College of Humanities does not process grade appeals during summer or winter sessions.
Before beginning the process at the college level, the student should become informed about the department-level and program-level processes. For example, a student appealing a grade in a basic language course offered in a particular department should first become informed about that department’s process.


 STEP 1     Within the first five weeks of the first regular semester after the semester in which the grade was awarded, or sooner if possible:

  • Students who would like to file an appeal should familiarize themselves with the University's Grade Appeal Policy.
  • The student must meet with the course instructor (professor/GAT/lecturer/instructor/TA) to discuss the grade received, explain any concerns and state the student’s reasons for questioning the grade. If after this discussion the student's concerns are not resolved, the student should inform the instructor of their intent to pursue an official grade appeal.
  • If the course instructor is a GAT (teaching assistant/associate) and the interview between the instructor and the student does not resolve the difficulty, the student should next discuss the problem with the person in charge of supervising the course, or the appointed designee or the department head, whichever pertains to the course in question.

STEP 2     If the discussion(s) described in Step 1 do not resolve the student’s concerns, then within the first five weeks of the first regular semester after the semester in which the grade was awarded:

  • The student can request forms from the College of Humanities Dean's Office in Modern Languages 345. At that time, the student will complete and sign Form #1 - Grade Appeal Initiation confirming in writing that they have already informed the course instructor that he/she intends to file a grade appeal. 
  • After completing Form #1, the student will be given an official grade appeal packet and information about the next steps in the process.
  • For steps 3-7, the College of Humanities grade appeal forms must be used. 

STEP 3     Within the first five weeks of the first regular semester after the semester in which the grade was awarded, or sooner if possible:

  • The student must complete Grade Appeal Form #2 - Statement by Student and submit it to the College of Humanities Dean’s Office.
  • In addition to the form, it is also the student's responsibility to provide supporting documentation including the course syllabus and any relevant graded reports and papers, examinations, emails, notes taken during faculty conferences, etc. 
  • The Dean's Office will submit the student's appeal to the instructor with a copy to the department head.

STEP 4     The instructor should submit a response to the College of Humanities Dean’s Office using Form #3 - Instructor's Response no later than the end of Week 7 of the semester. The Dean's Office will notify the student and cc the department head with the instructor's determination.

STEP 5     If the instructor is not available or the matter is not resolved by the end of Week 7, the student has until the end of Week 8 of the semester to notify the Dean's Office that they would like to readdress and submit the written appeal to the department head. Once notified, the Dean's Office will submit the student's appeal and the instructor's response to the department head for review. 
STEP 6     The department head will use Form #4 - Department Head's Response to provide a recommendation regarding the appeal. The department head’s response should be returned to the Dean's Office no later than the end of Week 10 of the semester. The Dean's Office will provide the student and the instructor with the department head's recommendation. If the department head recommends the grade be changed, the instructor can decide whether or not to accept that recommendation. If the instructor chooses not to change the grade, they will notify the student, the department head, and the Dean's Office in writing.
STEP 7     If the department head's review does not resolve the matter to the student's satisfaction, the student shall notify the Dean's Office no later than Week 11 of the semester that they would like to readdress and submit the written appeal to the vice dean.

STEP 8     The vice dean shall review the student’s appeal and take appropriate action. If the basis of the appeal is the fundamental fairness of treatment of the student by the instructor, the vice dean will convene a committee to review the case. 
STEP 9     When appropriate, the vice dean shall convene an appointed College of Humanities Grade Appeal Committee. Following the meeting, the committee will provide a copy of its recommendation to the student, instructor, department head, and vice dean. 
STEP 10   The vice dean shall make a final decision after full consideration of the committee's recommendation no later than Week 15 of the semester. The vice dean has the authority to change the grade to a different credit-bearing grade, which includes regular grades (A,B,C,D,E), alternative grades (S,P), or optional grades (P,F), depending on the course grading system and the system chosen by the student at registration. The department head, instructor, and student shall be notified in writing of the vice dean's decision, which is final.